Lisa Marie Cannon’s Fitness Hacks: Get Fit Without Really Trying

When Lisa Marie Cannon started med school, she found less and less time for her routine exercises as school work slowly but steadily started taking over her life. But not wanting to totally give up on staying physically fit, she found other ways to get moving to keep the extra pounds at bay and stay fit and healthy. This post shares some of her fitness hacks.

With all the studying that I need to do, it’s so tempting to just dive into bed at the end of each day because I know the following day will be just as grueling, and I need all the sleep that I can get! But had I kept this attitude, I’m quite sure I would weigh more now than I care to imagine. This thinking is actually common among busy, working adults, especially those who live and breathe their careers. And this is one of the fastest and surest ways to gain excess weight, become more sluggish, experience mood swings, and pretty much go down a certain unhealthy path.

If your schedule makes it impossible for you to hit the gym or do your routine exercises, here are a few things that you can do instead:

1. Walk. Walk whenever, wherever; anytime, all the time. Walking is a good form of exercise as it strengthens your bones and muscles, improves cardiovascular health, and helps you lose weight and maintain your ideal weight. Did you know that walking one mile can already burn up to 88 calories? So take every chance you get to walk.

2. Clean. Clean your room or the entire house, wash your car, mow the lawn, clean furniture, or give your dog a bath. Of course you don’t have to all of these at the same time; pick one cleaning chore and do it; and if it requires extensive cleaning, you can divide the activity into small chores spread over one week.

3. Take the stairs. If it’s only a few flights up, take the stairs. I suggest you pace yourself the first time so you won’t have aching legs and thighs, or experience back pain when you reach your floor. And by pacing, I mean just take your time going up or down, but especially going up. Pace your breathing too so you can exercise your lungs.

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There you have it; three things you can do to stay fit and trim without really trying. My favorite of all is walking; it’s easy and there are lots of opportunities for it.

I hope this post helps you get that much-needed exercise.

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