Lisa Marie Cannon Mini Bio

Medical student Lisa Marie Cannon currently resides in California, where she is completing her medical degree. She is the sole owner and administrator of this health and fitness website. She hopes to become a pediatrician someday. To learn more about her, please continue on below.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. When I was a little girl, my dolls were my beloved patients. I would pretend they were sick and I was their doctor. I was careful not to hurt them in any way as I checked them and gave them injections and such.

Whenever my mom or dad got the flu, I would be their nurse and doctor; bringing them their medicine and ordering them to stay in bed until they have fully recovered. It was always that way with me. I never wanted to be anything else.

Now that I’m away from home, my corgi pup is my constant companion—and willing patient whenever he got sick.

My life isn’t all about medical school though. I know how important it is to spend time on me too so I make it a point to do things outside of school. I’m a movie buff so whenever my schedule (and budget) permits, I hit the theaters to watch what’s currently playing. Back home, watching films on DVDs was fine but when I went to medical school, I made a conscious effort to watch movies in cinemas only—to separate my work space from my leisure space.

Here’s another thing about me that surprises a lot of people: I’m a comic book nerd! I love all the classics: Spider-Man, Hulk, the X-Men, and Fantastic Four. My favorite of all is Spider-Man; his was the only comic book collection I brought with me to medical school.

I like traveling, too! Before I went to medical school, I used to travel a lot with my folks but lately, I haven’t been able to do so because of my hectic schedule. I don’t mind it all though because I’m working towards a very important title: Lisa Marie Cannon, MD.