Lisa Marie Cannon’s 4 Tips for Teaching Kids Healthy Habits

These are from personal experience, having learned about them when I was growing up. My parents are health buffs and early on, they’ve ingrained in me the importance of living healthy. I must admit though that when I was a child, I resented their constant reminders about healthy habits, but today, I’m glad they did because otherwise, I wouldn’t be as disciplined about living a healthy lifestyle as I am now.

Here are four tips I’d like to share with you:

1. Set an example. Adults must remember that children follow the lead of their parents which is why topping my list of tips is being a positive role model for kids. To teach them about eating healthy, parents must first show the kids that they are eating healthy too. This also extends to teaching them about hygiene, cleaning after themselves and keeping their surroundings clean.

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2. Stay active. Children these days are glued to their gadgets and from this simple act alone, a number of unhealthy habits can already develop: unhealthy eating, from munching on chips and drinking soda to taking their meals in front of the computer or tablet; staying sedentary, and forgoing outdoor play time.

Get everyone moving by planning outdoor activities like biking, hiking, playing ball, or taking a stroll around the park; and make sure that you all these as a family. Also part of encouraging children to become more physically active is limiting their time on their gadgets, computer, and TV.

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3. Take it one step at a time. So as not to overwhelm your kids with all the rules and changes you want to teach them, take it one step at a timeā€”and make it fun! For instance, if you want to teach them about eating vegetables, perhaps you could make a game of it. Separate vegetables by color and focus on one vegetable per week. Name other vegetables of similar color and whoever gives the most gets a reward. It’s up to you what game to play so long as you make it fun.

4. Share a meal every day. It’s important to make meal time family time, but since parents are usually at work and kids are in school, the best time to share a meal is during dinner. If it isn’t possible to do this every night, at least sit down together for dinner three to four times per week. And on weekends, plan and prepare meals with your kids. Getting them involved can teach them more about healthy food.

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